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Event Report

Letting Rip in Richmond Park

On Sunday 13th October, 10 intrepid canine explorers and their long-suffering owners braved the rain to take over until then regal and tranquil Richmond Park in south west London. Their names? Archie, Arbeg, Dill Pickle, Bertie, Barney, Hamish, Ghillie, Ben, Douglas and Maggie. For Ardbeg and Maggie, this was their first ever day out with…
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[caption id="attachment_3555" align="alignright" width="225"] Fraser sports the LSC T-Shirt after winning the Year of the Dog blog competition[/caption] Our friends at Scottish Terrier Emergency Rescue held their inaugural "down south" party on Sunday May 19, 2019 and as such linked paws with the London Scottie Club. The event, organised by LSC and STECS members Susie…
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On a High In Hampstead

If you are local to Hampstead Heath, you will know the newspaper Ham & High. Well Scotties brought everyone to a high point too when they met for a walk on March 10. The wind, rain and hailstones were no match for our plucky crew of Scotties (and a few pals – Schnauzers x2, Cockapoo…
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Phoenix Arise. It’s Your Party

What an amazing day out! When Sonya asked the Club to help her celebrate pup Phoenix's first birthday we knew we had to do it. When she told us she wanted to do it in February, we admit, we were a little apprehensive. But when 23 February came, the nearest date that could be arranged…
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