Owner's name:


Dog's Pet name:




Do you have a shorter nickname for your dog?:


what is the registered name of your pedigree with the Kennel Club (or other organisation in you country?):

Ch Ardbeg the Fearless

If you live in London, what part?:

We're moving back from New Zealand

Is this your first scottie? If not how long have you been parent to Scottie?:

My parents owned a Scottie. This is our first

What made you choose a Scottie over other pets?:

They're just amazing. How they look as well as their stubborn personalities

Scotties are iconic dogs. Do you have any memorabilia of the breed?:

Yes. Lots!

Soft food fan or kibble?:


Your pet(s) likes and dislikes:

Likes: pretty much everything. Dislikes: being brushed, baths, getting told off for shouting at the hoover

Is your dog on social media?:


If yes, what's the Twitter handle?:

Insta: @ardbeg_the_scottie

Comments (include highlights of their lives):

Treats, walks, other dogs and being told he's handsome