Owner's first name: Neil Dog's
Pet name: Bunty
Gender: Female
First Dog's date of birth: May-03-2019
If you know, what is the registered nam of your pedigree with the Kennel Club?: Keyntan Mozzerella
Have you had your dog (s) since they were puppies?: Yes
Was you dog (s) a rescure dog?: No
How long have you been parent to Scotties?: 1 year but 14 years with a previous one
Why did you choose a Scottie?: Had one before and love their shape, attitude, sense of fun, loyalty and incredible nature. And a little naughtiness built in too
Do you have any Scottie Dog memorabilia?: Lots
Does your dog prefer Soft food or kibble?: Kibble
Your pet likes and dislikes: Cuddles, squeaky toys, food