1. Owner’s name
  2. Dog(s) name, Male or Female?
    Captain (Male)
  3. Dog’s Date of Birth
    17th March 2010
  4. What part of London do you live?
    London Borough of Hillingdon
  5. Is yours a Rescue dog or Puppy?
  6. Is this your first Scottie? If not how long have you been a parent to Scotties?
    First Scottie
  7. What made you choose a Scottie over other pets?
    I have always been a big dog person but Scotties appeal to me because they seem to be a whole lotta dog in a small body
  8. Scotties are iconic dogs. Do you have any memorabilia of the breed?
    yes - but none I have bought for myself - people ar e always giving me scottie stuff as presents
  9. Soft food fan or kibble?
    mostly kibble with about 80 grams of wet food
  10. Your pet(s) likes and dislikes
    He loves watching television, and recieving visitors is a real favourite with him.
  11. Is your dog on social media? If yes, what’s the Twitter handle, Facebook page etc?
  12. Comments (include highlights of their lives)
    Captain is like no other dog I have owned. Our relationship is less dog/owner and more a kind of house share situation, where he sees himself as the landlord. He is a real character and everyone in my area knows "the Captain". If he is displeased his sulking can reach olympic gold standard, and if he is pleased, particularly when his "his" visitors arrive he happy rolls all over the place. He is a bit of a telly addict and Battersea dogs home is his favourite. He will wait through the commercials but knows when it is finished. I tried him at agility but he is a small scottie and definitely doesn't see the point of spending more energy than necessary. He established his own bed time at 10pm which he insists upon. and puts himself to bed on the dot. He loves recieving visitors and will sulk if he thinks I am monopolising them too much. He is a quirky little character and the best "flat mate" I have ever had, although i have never yet managed to get him to pay rent.

Sadly, Captain died in October 2017, and became the first-ever loss in the London Scottie Club. The owner has since then a new puppy called Phoenix, and a separate entry will be recorded in this directory.