1. Owner’s name
    Kevin and John
  2. Dog(s) name, Male or Female?
    Douglas, male
  3. Dog’s Date of Birth
    4 December 2006
  4. What part of London do you live?
  5. Is yours a Rescue dog or Puppy? 
  6. Is this your first Scottie? If not how long have you been a parent to Scotties? 
    This is our 3rd Scottie
  7. What made you choose a Scottie over other pets?
    My very first dog was a Westie who had a lot of skin problems and was told never to have a white dog with pink skin. Went to look at Cairns and Scotties when we lost the lovely Westie and was completely taken by the Scottie. Dillon arrived, my first Scottie
    When we went to collect our second Scottie, we ended up with a puppy who was not ear marked for us, but a little lad who we called Finlay. He came running up to us and wouldn't leave us alone, so it had to be him. The breeder said he know we would take him.The most wonderful dog ever.
  8. Scotties are iconic dogs. Do you have any memorabilia of the breed?
    Lots, cups and biscuit tins and plates and furry toys
  9. Soft food fan or kibble?
    Soft food.
  10. Your pet(s) likes and dislikes
    Loves hiding his ball under his blanket and pretending he doesnt know where it is - loves trying to find it in the blanket. Loves his walk (he gets lots). He loves to be cuddled and be very close. Doesn't like people touching him (except us). Think that comes from his previous life. Hates the Postman or anyone walking up the garden path to the house. Hates anyone in hiviz clothing. Doesn't like being left alone or anyone ringing the door bell..
  11. Is your dog on social media? If yes, what’s the Twitter handle, Facebook page etc?
  12. Comments (include highlights of their lives)
    Being a rescue dog he came with problems- but now it is so wonderful to see how he has finally adapted to his new home. It took a long long time- but he has now claimed the house and garden truely his. He is still a very anxious dog but so wonderful to watch him play and roll around in sheer delight.