Owner's name:


Dog's Pet name:

McKellar MacSchecter



Do you have a shorter nickname for your dog?:


What is the registered name of your pedigree with the Kennel Club (or other organisation in you country?):

McKellar MacSchecter

If you live in London, what part?:

I live in the U.S. but have many UK Scotties owner friends on Facebook!

Is this your first scottie? If not how long have you been parent to Scottie?:

This is the son of my third Scottie. My parents had Scotties and my father's grandparents had them.

What made you choose a Scottie over other pets?:

They are the most important animals in my life and always have been! In fact, I have just written a children's book about two stubborn Scotties. Hope to get it published soon!

Scotties are iconic dogs. Do you have any memorabilia of the breed?:

Yes, lots of mugs and other things. And as I said, I'm trying to get a book published on Scotties.

Soft food fan or kibble?:

Kibble with veggies.

Your pet's likes and dislikes:

Loves critters and chasing a ball. Hates taking pills!

Is your dog on social media?:

Yes: Facebook page?: https://www.facebook.com/mckellar.macschecter

Comments (include highlights of their lives):

Mac just lost his mother to cancer a month ago and he's getting lots of love because she was the most important thing in his life.