Owner's first name: Kate

Dog's Pet name: Olive

Gender: Female

First Dog's date of birth: Sept 2010

Other dogs: other dog's Pet name #1: Joe

Other dog's gender #1: Male

Other Dog's date of birth #1: Sept 2015

Have you had your dog (s) since they were puppies?: Yes 

Was you dog (s) a rescue dog?: No 

How long have you been parent to Scotties?: for some 30 years. I have also
previously had two rescue Scotties - one from Battersea who lived to 14. 

Why did you choose a Scottie?: We had a Scottie as our family pet and I adored

Do you have any Scottie Dog memorabilia?: Just a few pictures and ornaments

Does your dog prefer Soft food or kibble?: Kibble

Your pet (s) likes and dislikes: Olive does not like rain (but oddly doesn’t
mind being outside when it’s raining), and cries a lot when it thunders and
people let off fireworks. She loves her walkies, swimming and dinnies. She is a
very independent character and does not like to be fussed over. But she still
gets cuddled like it or not. 

Joey is very sensitive and does not like it when I’m sad or worried. He loves singing, walkies and dinnies. He also loves
Olive. He loves affection and cannot he cuddled enough. He most definitely In
charge (in his head) and will put on a show of bravery if other dogs come too
close to myself or Olive, but inevitably runs away if confronted. They are both
thoroughly wonderful and have kept me sane during lockdown. I don’t know how
I’m going to leave them to go back to work!