1. Owner’s name
    George & Anchalee
  2. Dog(s) name, Male or Female?
    Pikush (M, Black), Pudding (M, Wheaten)
  3. Dog’s Date of Birth
    Pikush 5 July 2014, Pudding 1 April 2015
  4. What part of London do you live?
    Richmond, south west London
  5. Is yours a Rescue dog or Puppy?
    Both Puppy
  6. Is this your first Scottie? If not how long have you been a parent to Scotties?
    Yes, first two dogs I ever owned, let alone Scotties!
  7. What made you choose a Scottie over other pets?
    Well, we wanted a Tyrannosaurus Rex but heard that they had gone out of fashion some years ago. Scotties are dignified and full of character. Supposedly the least likely to bark among the terrier family of dogs.
  8. Scotties are iconic dogs. Do you have any memorabilia of the breed?
    Oh yes, mugs, magnets, framed pictures, napkins, ice cube makers, Christmas cards, keyrings, Radley passport holders, Radley handbags, Radley season ticket holders, a lot of Radley things really!
  9. Soft food fan or kibble?
    Soft food. They reluctantly eat kibble unless really famished.
  10. Your pet(s) likes and dislikes
    They like to be fed and walked. But they also enjoy my shoes, rendering a walk more complicated. Will they ever learn? Safe Rawhide alternatives.
    Dislikes include worming pills, kids screaming, trolleys, squirrels in the garden, foxes, cats, larger birds like pigeons and ravens. But they seem ok with small Passeriformes and blackbirds.
  11. Is your dog on social media? If yes, what’s the Twitter handle, Facebook page etc?
    As dad works in social media and journalism reluctantly yes both dogs are on social media.
    On Twitter @Pik_ush and @Pudding2015
    Facebook: /PikushNPudding
  12. Comments (include highlights of their lives)
    Pikush was just over two months old and had been with us 14 days when he was old enough to vote. So in September 2014 Pikush cast his vote in the Scottish Referendum, a subject he had very strong views about. SNP leader Alex Salmond and his office saw the video which was released a week before the historic poll. You can see it here
    Pikush and Pudding have also had the honour of training at agility with Lucy Heath who appeared in 2016 final of Britain's Got Talent with talented little Trip as act Trip Hazard.Pikush and Pudding have also enjoyed meeting the vets in TV's Vet on the Hill. Pikush has a photo with TV vet star Dr Scott Miller.Pikush and Pudding are also only the second dogs to be allowed to roam inside the Faberge shop near Bond Street London. They didn't even trip over the Christmas tree!But their biggest highlights are their walkies, which include walks in the Cairngorms, Scotland as well as the Royal Crescent lawn which is only open for guests staying at the hotel on that famous Bath, Somerset street.