Owner's first name: Barbara 

Dog's Pet name: Sonny 

Gender: Male

First Dog's date of birth: November-23-2015

If you know, what is the registered nam of your pedigree with the Kennel
Club?: Glengracie Jetson 

Have you had your dog (s) since they were puppies?: Yes 

Was you dog (s) a rescue dog?: No 

How long have you been parent to Scotties?: Lifetime 

Why did you choose a Scottie?: Chosen by my parents when I was 6 months old

Do you have any Scottie Dog memorabilia?: Books, ornaments, prints

Does your dog prefer Soft food or kibble?: Soft food

You pet (s) likes and dislikes: Dislikes anything that buzzes around his ears.
Like most other dogs to play with.

Is your dog (s) on Facebook?: Yes

Share a story or highlight about your dog (s): Shows well. Was top Essex dog.
So far has qualified every year for Crufts