Owner's name:
Susie and Andrew

Dog's Pet name:


Is this your first scottie? If not how long have you been parent to Scottie?:

What made you choose a Scottie over other pets?:
Walking past a shop every day on our way to work that boasted two Scotties - the invariable highlight of the day. We later met the owner to find out more and meet the dogs,
 and were smitten.

Scotties are iconic dogs. Do you have any memorabilia of the breed?:
A doorstop, cushions, a few prints, a shameful number of items from Radley and a few from Agatha...we're slowly building our collection.

Soft food fan or kibble?:
Raw food and plenty of carrots and liver treats

Your pet's likes and dislikes:
Wanda likes humans, food and chasing squirrels. She' s not mad about other dogs, unfortunately, but lives very happily with a large and silly cat, and adores both her canine and human cousins

Is yo ur dog on social media?: