Owner's first name: Kate

Dog's Pet name: Womble Beatrice Bear

Gender: Female

First Dog's date of birth: January-23-2013

Other dogs: other dog's Pet name: Whisky Isla Rabbit

other dog's gender: Female

If you know, what is the registered name of your pedigree with the Kennel
Club?: Pamaswater Thrayonlosa

Dog's date of birth: August-28-2017

Have you had your dog (s) since they were puppies?: Yes

Was you dog (s) a rescue dog?: No

How long have you been parent to Scotties?: 7 years

Why did you choose a Scottie?: Long admired them, had Fell Terriers for 15 yrs,
love Terriers but I'm a converted Scottie Addict for life now! Womble and
Whisky are my first and third - so far

Do you have any Scottie Dog memorabilia?: Every kind! Mugs, oven gloves, cooking
apron, scarfs, curtains, tea towels, blankets, tins, Christmas tree decorations
and more besides

Does your dog prefer Soft food or kibble?: Kibble

You pet (s) likes and dislikes:Love balls and squeaks, "love" squirrels and
buns, great mousers/ratters, chief spider catchers, love all food but Whisky
doesn't like Oatcakes!

Share a story or highlight about your dog (s): Yesterday, Whisky found the ball
of string I was using in the garden and took off with it like the Andrex Puppy -
Womble sat and watched her nobly as if to say "you'll be in trouble, I'm not
getting involved" but of course it ended in photos and games as I untangled